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Curtain Service

Our Extra curtain service is unique we provide a complete stress free ‘Curtains Cleaning Service’ by coming to your premises commercial or residential to remove your curtains and re-hung and steam dressed into position after the cleaning.

We strongly recommend that curtains are dry cleaned at least once a years to extend the life of your curtains. Over the years dirt and dust becomes harder to remove and can damage and discolor the fabric.

We also carry out repairs on curtains for example shortening/lengthening or blackout lining etc.

We offer two types of Curtain Cleaning services:

per Sq Yard
Standard Curtain Service:

  • This consists of curtains being brought to us to be dry cleaned and pressed.

Per Sq Yard
Premium Curtain Service:

  • In this unique service we come to your premises at your convenience to take down your curtains and re hung them after the cleaning and pressing procedure has been carried out at our store.

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