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Laundry Services

Tired of the weekly wash? Is it taking over your life and home? Not to worry, here at Prestige we offer a high-quality Laundry Drop service. Have your laundry taken care of by our expert team.

We offer three size options (small, medium and large) with two service levels:

  • Wash, dry, iron and fold
  • Wash, dry and fold

Important Notes:

*Coloured and white items must be supplied in separate bags. Remember to check all care instructions as we are unable to take responsibility for items which are ‘dry clean only’, ‘hand wash only’ or ‘non tumble dry’ if they are included within your laundry bag. Please note that laundry bags need to be fully zipped up. 

Per Item
Standard Items

  • Shirt £2.20
  •  Single Duvet  £12.00
  • Double Duvet  £14.00
  • King Size Duvet £16.00
  • Sleeping Bags Single   12.00
  • Sleeping Bags Double  14.00
  • Sleeping Bags K/Size   16.00
  • Cushion Cover Small   £3.5
  • Cushion Cover Large £4.5

Per Item
Bed Linen

  • Single Bed Set £10.00
  • Double Bed Set £12.00
  • King Size Bed Set £15.00
  • Single Duvet Covers £4.00
  • Double Duvet Covers  £5.00
  • K/S Size Duvet Cover £6.00
  • Pillow Case £1.00

Total Weight
Service Washes

  • Standard Service Wash (Wash-Dry-Fold) 0–10lb £14.00
  • Standard Service Wash (Wash-Dry-Fold) 10–16lb £16.00

Complete Kits
Service Washes

  • A Complete football Kit 20.00
  • A Complete Rugby Kit 20.00

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